The Day I Became American
Marissa Molina

I read your beautifully written story the day that you posted it here and wanted to let you know that it impacted me. I also shared it with my wife, an immigrant from Russia-Armenia, and she was deeply moved by your words. Although she immigrated with her family in the early 90’s as refugees fleeing war, she said that her experiences were very similar to yours. After reading your story, she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “now you know why I am so determined to lose my accent.” That really hit home. Although she is a naturalized citizen, she still seeks acceptance as an American.

Although we both supported President Trump and agree with his policies to increase security along the southern border, we were uncomfortable with his early campaign rhetoric that implied he would deport all undocumented immigrants . When he softened his position later in the campaign, I wondered if he had encountered hard working and thoughtful undocumented Americans on the campaign trail, like yourself, who provided him with a different perspective. I don’t claim to know what the future holds, but my wife and I will pray for you and your family. Please know that we regard you not only as an American, but a great American.

With love, Steve and Elena..

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