What happened with the police? I don’t know. I think Charlottesville didn’t want the protestors there, and Charlottesville won that battle legally, by declaring a state of emergency, the police carried out those orders and evacuated the premises where the rally was scheduled.
Well…the more I try to get to the bottom of it, the more confusing the narrative becomes.
Amber Lisa

I think you put your finger on it Amber. Charlottesville didn’t want the protesters there and the declaration of a State of Emergency may have been a strategic tactic to prematurely terminate the rally.

Today we are seeing a consensus forming, from the opinions of both protesters and counter-protesters, that the state police not only failed to intervene but may have encouraged the violent confrontations. In theory, violent confrontation would be sufficient cause to declare a State of Emergency.

The Daily Caller published an account from a rally participant that included a map and details to explain how the state police “facilitated violence” between the White Nationalists and Antifa groups. (see link below)

Here is the viewpoint from a counter-protester that arrived at a similar conclusion. (See video below)

I believe there needs to be an investigation into the actions of Governor Mcauliffe, the Virginia State Police and other involved officials during the morning and early afternoon hours on Saturday. If a police “stand-down” was ordered, as alleged, prior to the declaration of the State of Emergency, and it was part of a deviant strategy to create an environment that would justify the State of Emergency, then heads should roll.

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