Trump Set To Pardon A Man Who Should Be Serving A Life Sentence For Entrapment
Caitlin Johnstone

I was not aware of the entrapment story but I don’t have much sympathy for Mr. Saville. Being young, dumb and scared of the boogie man does not excuse his participation in the conspiracy to commit murder. During the time that transpired when Mr. Saville was designing the bomb, purchasing the parts for the bomb and building the bomb, he could have gone to the authorities, revealed the conspiracy and asked for protection.

I do not doubt that he was entrapped by corrupt detectives but, based on the limited information available, it doesn’t appear that Sheriff Arpaio was implicated in the conspiracy. Other than grandstanding in front of the cameras after the arrest, where is the evidence that Sheriff Arpaio was knowingly involved in an entrapment conspiracy? He crushed his opponent in the 2000 Maricopa County Sheriff’s race by 40 points (66% to 26%), so I doubt that he needed the attempted assassination to ensure his election victory. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to suspect that the corrupt detectives who hatched the scheme may have sought to advance their own careers?

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