A lot of Americans have a bias against ISIS…and it has to be a bias, because how many Americans…
Amber Lisa

I’m sure most would agree with you if there were films of President Trump cutting off heads, raping and pillaging.

If the public forms their opinions on a subject or individual based on media reports credited to unidentified sources, then they have not only surrendered their objectivity — they have empowered the media to influence public opinion without the burden of demonstrating the veracity of their claims.

Unidentified sources are unimpeachable because we are unable to verify their credibility, motive, access or their existence. This is a dangerous precedent to establish with the emergence of “new media” and citizen journalism. It is incumbent upon the public consumers of news to demand that anyone involved in the practice of journalism include substantive evidence that can be evaluated for accuracy through the unbiased lens of objectivity.

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