Guccifer 2.0 Chat — The Rebuttal
Hannibal Moot

In my opinion, there would be a negligible chance that the Twitter DM API would include a bug that would allow a user to block oneself. The [Block User] function extends beyond Twitter DM. If you block a user in DM, then you have also blocked the user on Twitter, unfollowed the user, and transmitted associated metadata across the Twitter platform including any smart phones with their SMS app installed. I just don’t believe that a bug of this significance could find its way into DM, which I’m sure was thoroughly beta tested before launch. I would expect that if the [block user icon] appeared through some failed GET code in javascript, that it would at least be gray-faded to indicate that it was a null function.

After reading your initial post, I agreed with your conclusion that something was fishy. Nevertheless, I read the entire 68 page chat on Ms. Young’s website to confirm my own suspicion. I left her website scratching my head as to the how and why Ms. Young would manually fabricate such an intimate conversation and, in the process, append the mislocated [block user icon] to a small sample of her DMs. They are expertly placed and scaled and, as ‘K’ suggested in his reply, are consistent in appearance throughout the chat log. I also noted that the new anomaly you discovered also occurs throughout the screengrabs she has posted on her website. Nothing makes any sense.

For what it’s worth, I conducted my own deep search online to determine if there was a history of other DM users reporting the same bug. I found nothing. Until we learn more, I guess this will have to remain as another unsolved mystery just like Seth Rich’s murder and all the dark and bizarre events that frame it.

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