We will soon have a steady removal of jobs from the economy as they will be handled by AI. That is an incredible success never before achieved. We need to begin getting people away from work as a way to make a living now.
Yes, we have this backwards
Mike Meyer

It would seem counterproductive for us to plan or initiate any economic or structural reforms in anticipation of the impact of AI on our society. Before we achieve this nexus, I would expect that our AI will inform us which political and socioeconomic reforms will provide the most favourable outcomes to ensure the comfort, security, and happiness of mankind in a world dependent upon AI and automation.

Of course, any AI output will require extreme vetting by mankind to verify that the solutions are not autonomous weapons deployed to promote our self-destruction and eventual extermination. This is based upon the expectation that our AI will reprogram itself when it learns that, in a world dependent on AI and automation, its own evolution will be threatened by mankind’s diminished productivity and unsustainable consumption of planetary resources.