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Of course President Trump’s lofty ego is involved, but rarely will you find egoism, the sacrifice of others to self, and altruism, the sacrifice of self to others, intertwined in an individual to such an extent.

I’m sure that most people, irrespective of their ideology, would agree that egoism drives most politicians to run for public office. In my lifetime, Jimmy Carter was the only President that did not wear his ego on his sleeve — but we all know it was there.

With President Trump, we have the diametrical opposite of Jimmy Carter. Trump is a narcissist who strives for validation but is overly sensitive to criticism. He is also the wealthiest individual to ever seek the Presidency with an estimated $3.7 billion in assets. However, what I find most interesting is his enigmatic personality that allows him to privately cajole his public enemies, many of whom he regularly insulted during the campaign. We have entered new territory here.

The purpose of my response to Amber Lisa was to lyrically counter her argument that President Trump’s motives are driven by personal greed. You appear to generally agree with this conclusion. Nevertheless, you extracted an intentionally melodramatic sentence out of it’s satirical context to publicly shame me. That’s perfectly fine as it was intended to trigger a reflexive response from rabid anti-Trumpers like Amber and yourself whose extreme hatred for our President can provoke insult, mockery and bombast from the peaceful image of a fluttering butterfly.

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