I read this and I see an amazing piece of carefully crafted satire.
Amber Lisa

Other than a few macabre embellishments to Trina Paulus’ allegorical masterpiece, the only satire I included was an optimistic exaggeration of the potential for our ideological convergence which, regrettably, you have dismissed in perpetuity.

I am confused why you would question my lyrical defense of Donald Trump’s noble motivations for his pursuit of our nation’s highest office. I’ve never suggested that he is anything other than a flawed mortal like the rest of us. And while I am occasionally repelled by his narcissistic pomposity and bravado, I admire his principles and purpose which I regard as unselfish.

I appreciate your acknowledgement that receipts from Trump’s DC hotel are insignificant, especially in consideration of his voluntary commitment to donate all profits from foreign government officials to the Treasury. I would add that among the thousands of media attacks claiming petty emolument clause violations by the Trump Organization, you will never find an article documenting the exorbitant costs his properties now incur for private security and facility upgrades to protect guests and assets. They also never mention the costs associated with the teams of attorneys and accountants contracted to fight the frivolous lawsuits filed by angry activists. These added operating expenses burden Trump’s properties with a significant competitive disadvantage in the resort and hospitality markets where they are located.

Despite everything I stated above, I don’t sense that President Trump is concerned. I support a different theory that, I believe, is plainly obvious and it has nothing to with money. I believe President Trump invites all of these diplomats, ambassadors and heads of states to stay at Trump DC and his other properties for the singular purpose of showing off. I’m sure that he showers them with incredible service during their stay which is, of course, is “complimentary” and not subject to government reporting. Certainly it boosts his ego but that is likely an ancillary benefit. Donald Trump is an international businessman and this is how they make their deals. They butter up their foreign guests with lavish accommodations and extravagant treatment before they begin negotiations.

As for your unsourced claims that our President covets wealth expansion through Arab oil and gas profits; I’m very skeptical. These sound like specious claims originating from one of the thousands of global eco-activism orgs that have been siphoning our tax revenue through grants to publish glossy reports that justify their need for additional taxpayer funded grants. It is absurd to suggest that his trip to Saudi Arabia was a nefarious diversion to enrich himself. He went there to cut deals for the US aerospace industry and threaten ISIS with a golden sword.

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