Why I Am a #ProudPatriot
Paul Constant

Patriotism requires our dedication to the interests of Americans over the interests of others that do not share our values or allegiance to our flag.

Patriotism requires that we reject Globalism, which benefits a select elite at the expense of millions of Americans who contribute their blood, sweat and taxes to our great nation.

Patriotism requires that we embrace immigrants that respect our laws, and reject those that do not.

Patriotism requires that, regardless of our political ideology, we support our duly elected President whose authority is conferred through our Constitution and his sacred oath to preserve, protect and defend its principles. And when he ceases to honor his oath, patriotism requires that we suspend his authority.

Patriotism is neither a political contrivance or a vessel for a distinct ideological vision. As George Washington said, we must all “guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism”. Patriotism is an enduring love and respect for our country and its people, regardless of their race, gender, identity, status or place that they dwell, including those citizens that live in the “fly-over states”.