This is just my opinion, but there is nothing we should do about “deplorables” other than accept…
Trent Lapinski

Thank you for your comments. While I initially rejected the deplorable label, I now wear it with pride as a symbol of my penance, which was delivered to me on November 8. I have no interest, however, in any form of celebratory banter. As Americans, we face an uncertain future if we cannot heal the division that permeates our society.

I came here two weeks ago after the notoriety this site received in the national media when Hillary Clinton’s attorney, Mark Elias, used Medium’s platform to publish the campaign’s explanation for joining the recount. After a brief review of other contributed content, it occurred to me that there was a higher level of discourse here, that favored a progressive political ideology. We also have echo chambers on the right but I have little patience for the redundant advocacy that exists in those forums. I much prefer the challenge of defending my political positions and principles with intellectuals that find them objectionable. This is why I joined Medium.

I understand that the discourse will not always be polite but I’ve learned to disengage when the respectful exchange of ideas and facts ceases. Humor and sarcasm can be an effective antidote to vitriol and spite, but there is never an occasion where personal attacks can be justified.

“Words empty as the wind are best left unsaid.” — Homer

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