Steve, first I want to thank you for your feedback — always well articulated and thought out.
Hannibal Moot

Thank you for your comments. If the opportunity to monetize your literary contributions to Medium was lucrative, I would encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity. That you were even granted the opportunity signifies that Medium believes your writing has value. I agree with their assessment and understand the strategic marketing value of their scheme.

If more of my favorite writers were participating, I may be persuaded to join, but it is an infrequent occurrence that I am interested in ‘locked’ articles. Nevertheless, I had exhausted my three-free-reads of locked articles before you posted this update.

The ‘secret door’ I was referring to was the link you provided in the caption to the image of Rod Wheeler, which directed me to the website named This part of your post was visible to all Medium readers. From there I was able to discern the significance of Rod Wheeler’s admission that he had not been misquoted. What explanation can there be for this slow-motion murder investigation other than there exists an underground culture of corruption in our nation's capitol?

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