The pushies do have a bit of vulnerability:
Ron Collins

Thanks for the advice Ron. I have only used the “Blue Hawk” line of push fittings which are locally available off the shelf. I have spliced some broken cpvc pipe and installed a new elbow fitting but that’s the extent of my plumbing portfolio. The fittings are expensive but holding up well. I was blown away by the ease of installation and rigid assembly. I understand your point about the pex pipe having to be straight for the push fitting to seal. I had difficulty cutting the pipe to the correct length to maintain true vertical and horizontal connection at the elbow.

That’s a true story about the cat. Fortunately our tubs are stacked and the ceiling breach occurred directly above the clawtooth tub below which spared our floors from major water damage. It was 3 or 4 in the morning when the gypsum ceiling collapsed and it was so loud we thought something had exploded downstairs. The cat put enough pressure on the horizontal hot water supply line to the tub above that it separated the cpvc at the elbow. The cat was so freaked out after the breach he wouldn’t come near the plumbing or bathroom again so I had to cut another hole in the ceiling on the other side of the house to coax him out. They also broke the seal on the trap below our kitchen sink a few weeks back. They are destructive little shits but we love them.

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