Life, liberty, and happiness depend first on public goods. Hospitals, schools, libraries, and so on.
The Soil of American Decline
umair haque

The essential purpose of our government is not to supply its people with public goods that promote life, liberty and happiness. Instead, it is to provide protections that ensure people have a self-determined and equitable access to life, liberty and the “pursuit” of happiness. This is accomplished through the enactment and enforcement of civil and criminal laws and the protection of our national sovereignty through military defense.

The distribution of public goods is certainly a function of our government but the allocation of revenue to provide for them is determined by public officials who are elected by the people to represent them in government. If you do not agree with the legislative agenda of US elected officials in our government, then you have the power to remove them with your vote.

Perhaps you would prefer a Socialist or Communist society where the allocation and distribution of public goods is determined by government fiat. Not surprisingly, the few that remain are now threatened by the popular revolt of their people who yearn for a society, such as ours, that permits them self-determined and equitable rights to life, liberty and happiness.