You’re right Caitlin, America has been acting like the old European missionaries travelling the world chastising everyone over how they conduct their lives.
Afghanistan — a hunt for Bin Laden and his cronies somehow morphed into a decade plus war against…
Blair Gilmore

This has been true throughout our history but in the present conflict with North Korea, we have long-standing treaty obligations to provide security assistance to Japan and South Korea. These treaties date back to our conflicts with Japan after their surrender in World War II and South Korea after the cessation of conflict during the Korean War.

I agree with your other points but our involvement in the current conflict is mandated through our long standing commitments in the region. As long as South Korea and Japan remain adversaries to NPRK and China, we will continue to act as their guardian. As I commented in my response to the article, the Trump administration has shown restraint and continues to seek a diplomatic solution for the present crisis. They have also opened the door to direct, bilateral talks with North Kores under the condition that they temporarily suspend ballistic missile tests.

North Korea has shown no interest in returning to the six party talks promoted by the previous Bush and Obama administrations so there is a real opportunity for diplomacy when North Korea is ready. Many argue that the DPRK strategy has been to demonstrate their nuclear capability before joining discussions with the US. Considering that prior to this current conflict, few believed North Korea possessed the technological capability to launch medium and long range nukes, I would suggest that their strategy has been successful. I expect that we will see increased diplomatic efforts follow in the wake of North Korea’s successful H-bomb test last week. Stay tuned…

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