Complete disregard for the truth…
Justin Thorp

Wouldn’t you agree that “no appreciable increase” in a crime rate that has skyrocketed during the three years prior is not great news despite the arrival of 163,000 new migrants. I’m sure the Swedish people would prefer to at least see an appreciable decrease in crime due to the high rates occurring.

There is no question that Sweden has experienced a dramatic increase in crime over the last three years. Sweden’s crime prevention council does not have statistics documenting migrant crime rates because the government does not disclose this data. Nevertheless, reports from independent news organizations, including a CBS 60 minutes news crew, has confirmed that many predominately migrant communities in Sweden are “no go” danger zones for Swedish women, police and first responders.

Journalists, politicians and others that suggest Sweden’s progressive immigration policies are producing a segregated and lawless society in Sweden are not the one’s disregarding the truth or burying their head in the sand. Their reports are based on first person eyewitness accounts and documented evidence that is widely available online.

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