My point is the demand.
Patrick van Meter Sr.

You are correct about demand. With advanced sonar, maritime and air surveillance, the US has significantly reduced Colombian cocaine trafficking through Caribbean waters, and while it did not kill the market for cocaine in the US, the street cost of cocaine increased and cocaine use dropped dramatically. To deliver their product, Colombian TCO’s now divert their product through Mexico across our SWB. The Mexican TCO’s eventually took over the Colombian trafficking routes and US distribution, which increased Mexican TCO activity and profit but significantly curbed the Colombian cartels influence by limiting their criminal involvement and profits to Cocaine production. Combined with effective Colombian counterdrug (CD) operations, the major Colombian cocaine DTO’s were broken up into many smaller operations that are more manageable for government CD operations. As a result, Colombian DTO activity and the associated violence and police corruption has significantly decreased.

As I noted in my previous comments, the construction of the barrier wall is just one component of a much larger plan to reduce the illegal crossing of contraband and aliens along our southern border. Education is also an ongoing priority to reduce demand but without a parallel effort to curb supply of the cheaper and more deadly Mexican heroin across our border, it is not enough.