Yes, there are risks to bringing people in from a highly contested area, due to the nature of such…
Shauna Gordon

You make many valid points.

The order signed by President Trump states that General Kelly, our new Dir. of Homeland Security, is being provided an opportunity to evaluate the current system and controls and submit his recommendations. I think this is a reasonable demand since our nation’s security will now fall under his watch. In his confirmation hearing, Gen. Kelly said that he would follow our laws and the Constitution regarding matters of immigration and combating terrorism, international and abroad. He served under both President Bush and President Obama with distinction and was confirmed last week by an 88–11 vote in the Senate. Officials that have worked with him during his Joint Service with Bush and Obama describe him as a non-partisan pragmatist that gets results. He has already stated his opposition to Trump’s campaign suggestion that we bring back waterboarding and President Trump commended him for stating his honest opinion and indicated that is why he appointed him. I don’t expect that we will see political interference from the Trump administration influencing his service to our country.

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