And finally a satisfying payback for the terrible humiliation of the Crimean War.
Mike Essig

Your comment lifts the debate with respect to its greater context. Russia’s defense of the shores of the Crimea with the blood of its citizens, and the subsequent humiliation it endured in defeat, is ignored by those who accuse Russia of imperialistic motives. The Russian sacrifices to secure the strategic peninsula for their Black Sea fleet frames their refusal to relinquish the territory during the current struggle. After Ukraine declared their independence in 1991, Russia and Ukraine spent 5 years negotiating the Black Sea Fleet Accord which included a 20 year lease of the Sevastopol shipyards to Russia. The lease was extended before the current conflict which now threatens its continuity, and therefore, Russian sovereignty on its southern flank against Turkey, the Caucasus, and Caspian oil

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