Why Germany Is So Bad Economically – An Open Letter To The President
Carsten Teller

Your country produces outstanding automobiles. I suspect that a large majority of Americans would include Mercedes, Porsche, Audi and BMW in their top 10 list of best engineered vehicles globally. I can assure you that trade fees assessed on the American import of German automobiles is not going to happen because any evaluation of its effectiveness will prove that it will be counterproductive. US automobile manufacturers have more than sufficient access to the European market. They need to improve their product if they expect to compete.

I read that Junker pushed back on the media‘s’ characterization of their meeting with President Trump. He is not the incompetent, bloviating caricature presented in the world media. The reduction of our country’s trade imbalance is a critical goal of his administration, but that is an issue that he must address with the EU, not Germany. Despite his campaign rhetoric, President Trump may use the threat of tariffs to bring trade partners to the negotiation table but they are a last resort. He will seek creative solutions that are mutually beneficial to the EU and US.

President Trump is as unpopular as he is misunderstood and your assessment of his failure is premature. The domestic economic and regulatory reforms he has proposed, if enacted, will make us more competitive in the global marketplace and increase job growth and productivity. Contingent upon Congressional action on Trump’s proposals, economic forecasts are in agreement that leading indicators will rebound to 12 year highs by 2018.

Of course, there are many other challenges that we face as a nation including racial division, an aging population, rising health care costs and, as you correctly accessed, an underperforming public education system. These challenges existed before President Trump and will likely remain when he leaves office. Nevertheless, I remain optimistic.

I also hope that the seeds of political distrust, largely exaggerated through media sensationalism, will not cultivate conflict that threatens the mutual friendship, respect and strategic alliance that we share as nations.

Thank you for sharing your views and, I would add, that your english writing skills are excellent.

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