URL Optimization Tips for SEO

After conducting Keyword Research for website SEO, once you have your target keywords, use them in the URL.

URL plays an important role in SEO and you should update all SEO tags after updating the URL.

Points to consider while optimizing URL:

1. Keep it close to Home Folder.
2. Use keywords in the URL.
3. After updating URL, use 301 redirection to redirect the old URL to the new URL.
4. Avoid repeating the same keyword more than twice in the URL.
5. Avoid using subdomains and instead use a subdirectory.
6. Don’t update the URL frequently. I update the URL at the start of the project and that’s it.


Once you have updated the URL, you can go ahead and implement Meta recommendations.

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SEO Hack For Improved Website Ranking and Traffic

These 5 steps will help you achieve a quick boost in traffic, ranking, and overall SEO performance:

  1. List the Top 10 Pages of your Website, based on present performance or potential performance.
  2. Now place the links of these 10 pages in the Footer. It should be present on all the pages.
  3. Place the same 10 links in Header Navigation as well, if possible.
  4. From every page, try to link to at least one of these 10 pages. Try to distribute the links equally.
  5. Add 100 words of content on each of these pages every week for the next 10 weeks.

Hope this quick tip helps you in your SEO journey!

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