Why you need to migrate to Joomla NOW

In the internet era, there are tons of Content Management systems (CMS) to choose from. Thus, it gets tougher with time to select just one of them. With each passing day, there are more and more updates to the CMS systems making it more attractive than the other software. You might be tempted for WordPress migration or Joomla migration or migration to any other CMS that you want because of the new features that they provide.

According to a research done by W3techs, the top 5 CMS systems being used around the world are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and Blogger — in that order. That being said, it is a smart choice to migrate your website to Joomla because of the following reasons: -

The most important reason — SECURE

Joomla is the most secure platform there is in the market. Without a doubt, searching online will show you that Joomla is more secure than your favorite CMS WordPress. WordPress has tons and tons of plugins available to use. True that these make the workings of the content management system better, but it also makes it more susceptible to attacks from hackers because of poorly managed plugins.

The security provided by Joomla is a league beyond the other competitive CMS software. If you do not believe me, why not use any other CMS and then migrate later to Joomla just because your website got hacked!

Create the website that you want

The thing that separates Joomla from other CMS systems is its ability to create any type of website that a user wants. Others such as Blogger and WordPress are aimed to creating blogs. They let the user create powerful blogs, but ONLY blogs is their focus with not much importance given to other types of websites.

Then there is Magento. This CMS is aimed to help users make websites that are more oriented towards e-commerce. It has powerful features for creating shopping carts and a database of items to be sold and everything else related to e-commerce.

Then we have the most awesome of them all — Joomla! It has highly rich and carefully crafted features to help you design websites that YOU choose — NOT THE CMS! Create websites ranging from blogs to e-commerce to tutorial sites — you name it and Joomla will have it covered for you.

Easier migration

Whenever there is an update on the content management systems, users need to go through a lot of process to migrate their content. Be it migrating from an older version to a newer one or migrating from one domain to other. There are tons of things that you need to do for simply migrating your website and it sometimes becomes a pain in the rear. But with powerful and easy to use Joomla, it is a piece of cake to migrate your website.

No need to go through hassles of downloading third party applications or following lengthy steps for your precious website migration. Just a few clicks and entering the proper details and voila! Your website is migrated — be it other CMS or domain or just upgrading from older versions of Joomla.

Get more time to sleep

Joomla prides itself for being the fastest CMS development environment. One can get their website up and running with Joomla is just under an hour. It does not take much for anyone to make the most important pages, design it and deploy it with Joomla.

It saves you a lot of time for doing other productive tasks rather than just staring at the screen. Make your pages, design them and just deploy the website without any worries and at the same time saving lots of time with Joomla.

For the tech geeks — It is SEO Friendly

This features is the most attractive of all in Joomla CMS. This is what makes it a class apart from the other CMS systems in the market. It has many features that are useful for SEO Experts. SEO might not seem like it will be useful to you, but trust me — IT IS! SEO will help your website rank better than other websites including your competition. Joomla provides a separate block of SEO where the user can tweak the little things that make it so powerful. One can customize all the Meta tags and title and the robots.txt, sitemap and every other little detail right from one place. One does not need to sift through the entire code to find the thing that one wants to optimize. You do not even need to have professional SEO Training. THERE IS A SEPARATE SECTION FOR SEO!!!

Fully responsive templates

If you have heard about the new trend in the market about Responsive websites and worried that you might have to go through a lot of trouble to learn it. Then fear no more as all the templates that Joomla provides are fully responsive. The mobile friendly part of your website is taken care of by the CMS itself and you can just use the templates provided for you. The fundamentals of responsive web design are nicely covered with Joomla Templates.

There are many templates that are available for you to use. No matter what kind of site you are wanting to build, there is a responsive template for you. Responsive templates make your site more user friendly and attractive to the viewers. Find out why Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the right choice for your website.

Why wait?

If you are still confused and not sure if you should migrate to Joomla, you can hire a professional Joomla Development company to do the work for you. If you want to do it by yourself however, you can just follow the link on the official Joomla website to help you through it. The best part is that in the future if you are unsatisfied with Joomla CMS (which you won’t!), you can just switch back to your CMS using CMS2CMS.

Happy Joomla Migration to you!