Behind The Scenes : Eric & Tracy

Wine and cupcakes!

Of course I will remember Eric and Tracy as being kind, easy-going and hopelessly in love. But in addition to that, when I think of these two, they will forever be synonymous with wine and cupcakes.

Wine because Tracy loves a good glass (who doesn’t?), and cupcakes because Eric slaved over these sweet treats for their wedding to share with friends and family (I’m actually pretty sad that I didn’t take one, they looked delicious)!

You’re heart’s not happy yet?! Well get ready for this little anecdote. Their moms were friends in high school and the two had lost touch only to be reunited after Eric and Tracy started dating. Pretty sure we’re talking fate or love-magic at this point.

For their venue, Eric and Tracy chose the Dorchester Golf Club (it’s where they shared their first kiss on the 9th hole nearing the end of a date early on in their relationship). The reception details were simple but elegant including classic cars, stenciled pumpkins, homemade signs, and a fully-stocked candy bar.

The weather that day was warm and sunny, the bridal party was fun, loving and supportive. Overall it was a fantastic wedding, and as their first anniversary quickly approaches, I have to send out another big congratulations to these two. Eric and Tracy, I wish you nothing but love and happiness!

Now on to the photos! :)