Are virgin’s as rare as people say?

Truthfully I know there are a lot of people who have given up their “v card” before they knew what the Pythagorean thesis was, but I actually know a lot of virgin’s. Now knowing this, why is not being a virgin so demeaning? Why should it be a negative factor that people have sex? Girls at the age of 9 were forced into marriage thus sex when Rome was in power. This factor is a major benefactor of reasons why girls today have the tendency and urges to pursue an early sex life. And it’s not girls alone, oh honey please don’t make me laugh. Boys are just as bad. Now I’m not saying a support little kids doing the deal, if my kid did that before they were official adults I would smack them into Harry Potter so he/she can learn what being a man or woman is all about. Kids need rolemodels, teenagers need rolemodels, in fact adults need rolemodels, what better way to teach kids by showing them examples.

Now what so great about being a virgin? Let me tell you, the first time you have sex is the most awkward, self conscious thing known to man. It’s definitely comparable to the combination of the “first kiss” and the “first fart”. Now if your both virgin’s, not only is that the cutest thing in the world it’s the most awkward thing as well. It’s like a heightened version of stage fright. Now being a virgin from the virgin point of view can be boring, biological and socially pressuring and/or liberating. Now what makes it special. Well it would be extra special if your partner was and only has been with you, uhhh.. Also.. Your pure? Pretty much the only thing you get from being a virgin apart from religious fulfilment is the idea that you can hold out until it’s socially acceptable to give in. Also again the fact that your pure.

Now back on the subjects of virgin’s. Virgin’s are not hard to find. I have a bunch of friends who are virgin’s, I could list them off right now. And if your thinking “why aren’t you including yourself in the virgin quota” well dearest reader, I too am a virgin, promised purity until 18 suckers!! I know what I want, I know what I have to do, I know the risk and I know the outcomes. I’m educated in the knowledge that if I want to go somewhere or do something I have to make sacrifices and if that means holding out until I’m 30 I will. 16 and not pregnant, best believe that will remain until I found the one I want, that will wait till I’m 18.

Now if society keeps slandering this generation saying that “virgin’s are a dying breed” in actuality it’s patience and guidance. A couple of sex Ed classes have proven to be less helpful as the years go on and on but as long as we keep saying that it’s the norm the more it’s gonna stay the norm. Instead of saving the virgin’s why not be more child appropriate.

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