Germans discuss about terror

A couple of days ago three icidents of which two turned out as acts of terror happend in Germany. First an afghan or pakistani born refugee attacked several people on a train with an axe. Serveral people were seriously injured, the terrorist was later shot and killed by german SWAT. Only a couple of days later a young German went amok in Munich, walking through the city and killing at least nine people with a pistol. Later he commited suicide. Investigations are still ongoing, a hate crime with racist intend is the latest update on that horrific incident.

Only two days later a refugee whos allowence to stay in Germany has been decilined blew himself up, wounding serveal people and killing himself. As fare as I know that was the first suicide bomber attack in Germany.

After these attacks discussion how to handle terror in Germany rose. As all attackers share a migration background, there were a lot of harsh arguments against the current dealing with the refugees in Germany. Especially the fare right party, the AfD (Alternative for Germany) went wild. But there is also another discussion ongoing. Which role will the german military play in the future?

Because of its history Germany demands a strong separation between police and military. In short, the military is only allowed to help if the local government, Bavaria for example, asks for assistants. In the past that was mostly because of natural disasters such as floods. Assisting the police, like in belgium or france after the terror attacks there, has high boundries by law in Germany. Further, there is not specific in which way the Bundeswehr, as the german military is called, could help after or during a terror attack.

On my opinion, there will be no need for german tanks in the street. In France the military is going on patrol, I don’t think that helps at all. That is show of force, nothing more, just a show.

So how could the Bundeswehr help in case of an big terror attack? Maybe with two things:

Knowledge about first aid during a shooting and tactics. The german paratroopers are since Kunduz expierenced in first aid in battle. If we think about a terror attack with multiple attackers, armed with combat equipment and assault rifles, basic rules of infantrie could help local police to run for cover and hold their ground until GSG9 or SEK (german special police units) arrive.

Second: The Bundeswehr could assist with medical transport (helicopters or armed vehicles) and the military police, the Feldjäger, they could also do police work (they aren’t called military police for nothing).

Much more might not bee needed. But the discussion touches a very sensitive point in german politics, so it is very emotional and less rational.

The Minstery of Defense argues that at least exercieses between police and military should start. In the first step the exercises are intended to improve the communication between local police and military chains. Then there are plans for an exercise in a bigger scale. But nobody is yet sure about the content of the exercise.

At the moment I think Germany is on a turning point, from the safe place to a country were ISIS might attack as well.

But, and that is my personal opinion, based on my experience during my time as a soldier in Afghanistan, life is to short to stay home and be scared. Live, laugh and enjoy your life. It is yours. If the terrorist want to attack, they will, but I won’t let them rule my life. Never.