Semra Beckham — A Sought-after Fashion Designer and a Fashion Critic

Most often fashion designers say, “Fashion is not all about what one wear, but it is also about the way an individual carries an outfit or look”. The fashion world has an array of fashion designers who have changed the meaning of fashion completely, but one name that has created a distinct image in the industry is Semra Beckham. It is her out-of-the-box designs, and knowledge regarding fashion that played an important role in her life.

She is a well-known fashion designer in the country, and it is her outstanding work that has made him what She is today. She is popular for her distinct designs, and art of playing with contradictory elements. Moreover, She can offer that extra zing and blink to an ordinary dress, and this is a key role that make him standout from the others. She believes in experimenting with patterns, fabrics, and colors to create something exceptional. Furthermore, She even owns a chain of fashion stores that is scattered all around the globe.

Semra Beckham also has her own fashion label which is one of the most renowned ones in the country. She has been part of an assortment of fashion shows, where She has showcased her designs, and was quite appreciated for them by the fashion critics. According to him, fashion is not about fancy outfits, rather it is related to the comfort of a person.

She grew up in beautiful countryside of the country. She pursued her bachelor’s degree in fashion and later, attained her master’s degree in the same field from a recognized fashion school. In the beginning stage of her career, She worked as an intern at a known fashion house, and then practiced her skills as freelancers for several years, before She launched her own fashion label. Basically, She has designed a number of stunning dresses for a plethora of celebrities and business tycoons. She has been honored with various awards for her remarkable work, and her valuable contribution to the fashion industry. Semra Beckham bagged a top position in survey that was conducted by various fashion magazines. She owns a blog through which She shares various fashion tips with her followers.

Semra Beckham is not only a talented and well-known fashion designer, but also a tough fashion critic, who has hosted several fashion shows. Presently, She is looking ahead to expand of her chain of fashion stores in different parts of the country. She is also working on her first book that portrays her motivating journey in the fashion world. She writes fashion column for a weekly supplement. She believes in putting in her best efforts to fetch exceptional results within the time frame. Despite of her busy schedule, She takes out spare time to travel, and cook for her friends as well as family.

Semra Beckham is also an active social worker, as She organizes an array of fashion shows for a noble cause through which She contributes towards the development of society deprived from the basic necessities of life. It is her passion to do something different, and never give up attitude that played a vital role in her success. Saying that, She is an inspiration for all those, who want to pursue their career as a fashion designer wouldn’t be extravagant statement.

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