Is Buying a Boat a Good Idea?

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The average of the boat owners to sell their boats is only 3.4 years. Thus, buying a pre-owned or used boat is not a bad idea.

In selecting a pre-owned boat it is very helpful that you checked the boat brands.

Good things like boats come from a good quality manufacturer.

Also, the engine is very important to check whether it is inboard or outboard, straight inboard or outboard.

Here’s the tip: If you are unsure of things try to do some research and/or ask a knowledgeable friend.

It is really given that new boat, of course, has more advantages compared to the used boats. The most important of which is that new boats (including their engine) come with a manufacturer’s warranty so repair costs would be hassle-free.

In another hand, searching of a used boat is fast and easy — when you search it online you can automatically specify the brand, year and/or its price category in your search.

Essential Point for buying pre-owned boats:

Make sure that the boat is maintained.

Check and evaluate the hour meter in your engine.

Catch: If the engine has more than 350–400 hours you should anticipate that you need to repair it more (than the lower hours rated) thus, this can be expensive in the long run.

Do your homework, study before deciding what boat to buy to be more confident in making your purchase.

Bon Voyage!

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Marketing at SEMSEM International

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Originally published at on October 19, 2017.