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Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

As a VC, a big part of our daily routine is fielding referrals. Such referrals usually ask that we take a look at Company X’s deck, or that we set up a meeting with X founder.

These types of referrals are great–and we always review the companies sent our way. However, we do not always have the capacity to respond to every email with detailed feedback (We are also simultaneously balancing meetings with companies in our pipeline, check-ins with our current portfolio founders, and the daily operations of a small firm).

We know it can be frustrating to receive a short “it’s not a fit for us” response to these referrals, so we wanted to provide some transparency on how we decide whether or not to take an intro/first meeting. More importantly, we want to map out how you can effectively get our attention via email. …

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Founder & Managing Principal of Nitya Capital, Swapnil Agarwal, with his family

Swapnil Agarwal immigrated to the U.S. with his parents when he was 15 years old. As many immigration stories go, his parents seized the chance to provide Agarwal with better opportunities than he might have had back in Agra, India–so they moved their lives to Houston, Texas.

Though his parents were educated, their degrees didn’t mean much in the U.S., so his mother worked at a daycare and his father bought a liquor store. They lived in the type of apartment complex where robberies were frequent and the feeling of safety was scarce–his father was once held at gunpoint. His family couldn’t afford a car, so they took the metro bus everywhere, turning what should have been simple drives into unnecessarily prolonged voyages. …

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Are we ready to take this new positive-sum world to the next level?

For most of human history, the world has been a zero-sum game. Your neighbor’s gain meant your loss. If he had more land, it meant that you had less land, and thus less resources. …

Semyon Dukach

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