Contribute to open source project using GitHub

  1. Select project to contribute

Click on the issues tab. Then search for good first issues and go to the selected project.

label:”good first issue”

2. Fork the project

Click on the “Fork” at top right corner. It will create a copy of the current project into your own account.

3. Clone your forked project

Clone forked repo.

git clone <url>

cd <directory>

4. Create a branch

Create a new branch from the current branch of the cloned project.

git checkout -b <brnach-name>

5. Make the changes

Change the files as required for fix the issue.

6. Commit the changes

Commit the changes.

git add .

git commit -m “…message…”

7. Push changes

Push your local commits to your fork repository.

git push origin <branch-name>

8. Create a pull request

Go to original repo you make a fork. Then select “pull requests” tab next click “new pull request” button.

pull request page
click compare across forks
create pull request

Write proper pull request message. Most of the time owner provide a template for pull request message.

9. After merge

Then owner of the project will merge your pull request if it is correct and no any other changes required.

After merge ….

git remote -v

git remote add upstream <original repo url>

git checkout main

git fetch upstream

git merge upstream/main

git log

you can see your change in the main branch of the repository.

Thank you for reading !! . I hope these tips help you to contribute open source projects. ❤️ :)



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