#LowHighTech Design Xperience

When the 3D printer made of computer waste becomes the building unit and replaces the raw clay brick in a Nubian curved architecture !

L’Africaine d’architecture and his Togolese Space of Technology Democracy WoeLab are developing a unique design experience to question both a certain lack of knowledge of African principles and know-how and the current technological exoticism that has the continent for canvas.

Computer waste, symptom of a North-South equilibrium that is still difficult to achieve in the age of digital humanism, is the basic element of this work, which is less a patent than an attempt at advocacy towards “anchored modernity”. The partnership with the German University of Design in Pforzheim under the Kulturstiftung des Bundes in the scope of the “Artistic Collaboration between Germany and Sub-Saharan Africa” ​​(Grant Agreement AFP.16.008) is the ideal pretext for this vast exploration.

The “Woebots Wafate”, Made in Africa and with e-waste 3D printer, after the original vision developed for NASA (Best Exploration Mission Concept at Space Apps Challenge 2013), is brought to a new conceptual dimension before returning to Concrete application tracks studied by the Woebots startup; Since the ten machines that will compose the work will integrate the 10 schools in which the first experimental program of teaching three-dimensional printing at the college has been deployed since 2015: 3DprintAfrica EDUCATIVE.

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