Here’s how to set up a React Native development environment to create Android apps.

React Native can be used to create mobile apps for both iOS and Android (Picture Credit: Future Mind)

The Internet is full of information, and sometimes, it needs to be regulated. But where should we draw the line?

Internet censorship is used to prevent people from viewing certain content (Credit: G2 Learning Hub)

We might be able to charge smartwatches by moving in the near future.

A picture of the device (Picture Credit: SciTechDaily)

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up, create, and deploy a Discord bot using Discord.js.

Video version of this tutorial can be found here


Learn how to create a Windows Bootable USB on Linux without using WoeUSB or any other external software.

Windows and Linux (Picture Credit: The Verge)


Researchers have developed a skin-like device that can perform many of the functions of a Fitbit.

‘Electronic skin’ shown on someone’s wrist like smartwatch (Picture Credit: University of Colorado Boulder)

A team of researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a $1 hearing aid.

Saad Bhamla constructs prototype of low-cost hearing aid (Picture Credit: Georgia Tech)

Employers love it, and you should too.

React.js logo (Picture Credit: React.js)

NASA isn’t worried, and you shouldn’t be either.

Asteroid (Picture Credit: NY Daily News)

Oculus Logo (Picture Credit: Oculus)

Starting from October 2020, you’ll need a Facebook account to use Oculus products.

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