Kerala Beef Cutlet Pita

Every country has something like the Kerala Beef Cutlet. An oblong pocket of meat, or potatoes, or both- rounded, squared, triangled, rectangled- whatever. In the end- this pocket of goodness is dipped in some form of batter and deep fried to a crispy, golden brown.

The Kerala Beef Cutlet is no exception. Take minced raw London Broil, add some parboiled potatoes, ginger, garlic, green chillies, onions and then dip in egg wash and fry.

The cutlet itself is a staple appetizer in the Kerala household. Every mom has her way of making it- some good- and some just plain awful- but the legacy of this golden beef patty is always there.

Now- how did I come up with the notion of pairing a pita with the iconic beef cutlet? Well, it started when I ordered a falafel pita from your standard halal street cart in the Bronx. I figured- if falafels- which are also deep fried- can make it to the pita- why not a beef cutlet?

I mean just look at the falafel itself and then compare it to the beef cutlet- they practically look like twins- but the beef cutlet would offer so much more depth. Just the beefy profile of it alone kicks the aioli out of the boring falafel.

I figured to pull this off- I needed the most optimal ingredients. That meant the best pita I could find- the best tzatziki I could muster, fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions. Of course, if the beef cutlet was produced sub par- no bueno my amigos.

It’s actually quite easy. Below I’ve provided a video to the kerala beef cutlet. Actually, it’s a video for Kerala Chicken Cutlet- but you can easily subsitute sauteed chopped or ground beef instead of the chicken. Also, if you don’t like beef- and prefer chicken, or fish, or just veggies- you be the inventor. The overall process in the video is the same independent of what protein you use. I use this recipe quite often and it’s important to follow the directions precisely. After you let those jammies cool down- butter up the inside of a pita, toast it on the skillet, assemble tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and yogurt sauce (store bought TZ sauce is fine like Hanna Brand), and a strip of Sriracha sauce for some extra spice that Keralites long for. Lay two cutlets on the other side (three if you’re feeling fat). Fold and chomp down. Trust me here, it’ll change the way you look at those boring pita sandwiches forever.

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