Project Writing #Meetup 2.0

Holiday in Spain and Portugal, professional development, networking and project submitted. All in one


Our aim is to make sure that you create perfectly shaped project, ready to be approved.

Dates: 6-10 August 2014.

Senderiz, Galicia, Spain, border with Portugal

-Sende rural co-working space from Northern Spain is organizing Project Writing #Meetup 2.0.

Four months ago two of us moved to Northern Spain, bought 2 old houses located in national park. We repaired houses, completely equipped them into co-working and seminar space. All our creativity was spent on creating great little corners and small garden offices so our visitors and co-workers (educators, entrepreneurs and artists) can completely focus on the work while having good life.

As this was our small start-up, we needed to think on sustainability from the start but at the same time to bring life to the village. So we decided to do what we do the best: To write international projects, to bring young people to the village and to give life to whole community, but as well to create financial sustainability for the first 6 months.

Nice offices with good coffee, productivity agenda and only 3 easy days was necessary to submit great project. 3 months later, we received mail that it was approved.

Project Writing #Meetup 1.0 will demonstrate how we and our colleagues write projects, we will exchange ideas, techniques, make new partnerships and create projects for the whole next year. Only in 5 days.

What is it about?
Project Writing #Meetup 2.0 is 5 days long productive event which will gather 11 project writers who will have task to write at least one project for own* organization while enjoying networking with other professionals by using outdoor and indoor offices.

* You can write project for own organization. Also we can suggest organizations from Spain and Portugal and you can write for /with them as well. Good projects are always needed.

Location: Senderiz 33, Lobeira, Ourense, Spain ( Serra do Xurés — Gerês park)

Low cost flights until Porto and Santiago de Compostela.

Sende team will present Sharp action methodology which is motivational agenda for writing the project application. Every project writer (PW) will have limited time to complete certain part of own application while changing the offices and giving the fresh start all the time. During the process, participants will enjoy good coffee, natural juices and all commodities.

Sharp action methodology was created by JUMP organization and presented in 6 different countries. More than 20 successful projects were completed in less than 5 days. Majority were written by beginners.

Who can participate:
Youth workers, project coordinators, experienced and non-experienced project writers.

Project Writing #Meetup 2.0 package includes:

  • Accommodation in 2 beautiful houses completely restored and equipped.
  • 3 delicious and healthy meals per day
  • Presentation of Erasmus+ and EYF grants and instructions on how to write a project
  • Facilitation for project writing using Sharp action methodology (method which helps you to actually enjoy project writing)
  • Partner search (if you will be writing Erasmus+ youth exchange, training course or EVS you will need international partners from different countries). We are connected with almost whole Europe and wider. Our network is your network.
  • Networking with amazing professionals (2 facilitators who coordinated together 12 projects and traveled the world using different programs and contacts) and with the other project writers
  • Tips for writing projects and good material

What you will get:

  • Completed 1 project ready to be submitted if you are new in the project writing
  • Completed 2 projects if you had previous experience in project writing
  • Potential growth of your organization (international participants will come and use your program, and your organization will manage with aprox. 23.000EUR — 100K (if projects are approved and they will be :)
  • You will make 15 new contacts and spend amazing time during writing sessions and later on during long and nice dinners
  • Free thermal spas — 20 minutes drive (optional)
  • Swimming pool (4 min. walk from the co-working space, located on the hill with a view on Portuguese mountains)
  • Great accommodation and delicious food. Breakfast with fresh orange juice, honey, coffee, village eggs. Lunch and dinner even more delicious.
  • We will connect you with other project writers from Portugal and Spain so you can share costs until Senderiz
  • You will actually enjoy writing the project and forget long deadline days and worries
  • You will become part of our co-working community
  • Sende is creating partnership with freelance project writers so you might consider to become one

Sende will host only 11 project writers on the basis of first come, first served. To apply, please send e-mail to as soon as possible.

PRICE: 99EUR (5 days in Northern Spain, accommodation, indoor and outdoor offices, 3 meals/day, facilitation and networking)

Each person cover own travel costs. Consider this as an investment in the projects.

We think that your job should not be boring. We created model to create project-writing as an interesting process. By coming to Spain, you will make one project which means that you will create job for yourself, which means that you will create change and earn own salary.

There will be a lot of experts participating in this event. All of them can revise your project and give you feedback. By the end of the Project Writing Meetup we think that you will have perfectly shaped project. Even if you are complete beginner.

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Kind regards,
Edo Sadikovic
Co-founder of Sende
Edo is Council of Europe Youth Peace Ambassador and co-founder of JUMP organization

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