Dev Updates — New Features for SDN Mining Bot — 19th April

Sending Labs
1 min readApr 19, 2024

Hello everyone, we’re excited to announce new features for our mining bot that will enhance your node monitoring capabilities:

1) Offline Notifications:

  • Enable notifications with alerts on to receive alerts when any of your nodes go offline.
  • Disable notifications with alerts off.

2) Node Status:

  • Use status to view detailed statistics, including the online/offline status of each node.

3) Node Ignoring and Resuming:

  • Exclude a node from monitoring by using ignore [IP address]. For example, ignore will stop monitoring and alerting for that specific node.
  • Resume monitoring a node with unignore [IP address]. For example, unignore will resume the node to your monitoring list.
  • Use ignore to display a list of all ignored nodes.

4) Points Tracking:

  • The points command now displays information about offline nodes, if any, helping you identify issues and manage your nodes more effectively.

For a complete list of commands, simply type help in the chat with our bot. These updates are designed to provide you with greater control and insight into your mining operations. Happy mining!

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