SendingNetwork Announces its WatchDog Node Sale

Sending Labs
3 min readApr 11, 2024

What is SendingNetwork?

The Communication Layer for Web3, SendingNetwork, has recently announced its highly sought after Node Sale. SendingNetwork is building a decentralized communication stack which aims to revolutionize the TCP/IP model through a blockchain-powered Web3 internet, leveraging wallet addresses for direct peer-to-peer communication, reshaping the internet’s infrastructure for unparalleled security, privacy and user control.

As a pivotal element of the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) ecosystem, SendingNetwork boosts the reliability and resilience of the decentralized communication infrastructure. This enhancement facilitates improved data exchange among decentralized applications (dApps), setting the stage for a secure, decentralized, and scalable Web3 environment.

Why Run a Node on SendingNetwork?

Our WatchDog Nodes enable participants to play a crucial role in our ecosystem by ensuring the relay of network messages, and securing rewards for their efforts in sharing bandwidth and storage. A Watchdog sends challenge messages to Edge nodes across the SendingNetwork, tracking availability. Working with the Guardians, it ensures these nodes function efficiently within the network.

The WatchDog Node Sale details are as follows:

  • 📅Node Sale Launch: May
  • 🐶Node Type: WatchDog Node
  • 💰Node Reward: 12% $SEND Total Supply
  • 😇 Nodes become transferable one year after being purchased
  • Special allocations are reserved for the SendingNetwork community, partners, and KOLs, including whitelist privileges for early network adopters. Apply now:

Revenue Opportunities

WatchDog node operators can tap into an opportunity to earn a portion of the total supply allocated exclusively for them over the next four years. Additional incentives are earmarked for Edge and Guardian node operators to enhance network participation. The role of a WatchDog involves monitoring the Edge nodes’ availability, issuing challenge messages, and assisting Guardian nodes in confirming Edge nodes’ operability, contributing to the network’s stability and uptime.

WatchDogs are designed to run on standard PCs, laptops, and similar devices, ensuring ease of participation. The WatchDog sale opens a distinct avenue to engage with the SendingNetwork, allowing contributors to become part of a cutting-edge decentralized communications network effortlessly and without needing specialized equipment.


  • Node sale announcement: April 11th, 2PM UTC, 2024
  • Node sale Launch: May, 2024
  • More details coming soon!

Public Node Sale in Tiers — Open Participation for Everyone

SendingNetwork is thrilled to launch its pioneering tiered decentralized community node sale, designed to offer fair and extensive access to its expanding network. While a dedicated portion of nodes is allocated for whitelists, including KOLs and individuals from the SendingNetwork and affiliate communities, the vast majority are available for public acquisition on a first-come, first-served basis. This approach ensures open opportunities for all participants in SendingNetwork’s innovative push towards decentralization.

Participating in the SendingNetwork Node Sale means more than just joining a system; it signifies becoming a foundational element of a future-proof decentralized network that generously rewards contributions.

SendingNetwork’s mission is to build a completely decentralized communication network, re-empowering users to communicate with high privacy protection, efficiency, and freedom. This initiative guarantees that no single entity can control or restrict your communicative freedom.

Call for Builders in the Decentralized Communication Stack!

If you’re an influencer or community leader, seize this chance to be a referrer and shape a revolutionary communication stack. Don’t miss this thrilling opportunity. 😇

Apply now

For more details on purchasing and running a node, stay tuned to SendingNetwork’s official channels.

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