SendingNetwork WatchDog Node Sale Referral Campaign: Earn 10% in Commissions

Sending Labs
2 min readMay 30, 2024


SendingNetwork is excited to announce a comprehensive referral campaign for our WatchDog Node Sale. Participants can use a referral code to earn a 10% commission for each successful referral, enhancing community engagement and rewarding our loyal users.

How It Works

  • Join the Campaign: Submit your details in this Google Form for your unique referral code.
  • Share Your Code: Share your referral code with friends and potential buyers to earn commissions.
  • Track Your Earnings: Monitor your referral activity and earnings through the Dune Platform.

Using Referral Codes

Referral Code Generation: Complete and submit this Google Form with your details and join our Discord community for further updates about your eligibility. Once your code is confirmed by the SendingNetwork Team, it will serve as your unique referral code. Share that code with potential buyers to refer them.

Applying Referral Codes: Potential buyers can enter a unique code during the checkout process on the SendingNetwork Node Sale page.

Referral Benefits

Earn 10% in Commissions: Earn a 10% commission on each successful referral. This commission is based on the total purchase amount made by the referred user.

Currency: The commissions will be distributed in wETH (Wrapped Ether).

Timing: The WatchDog Node Sale referral program is from May 30th — June 14th 2024. Commissions will be processed and airdropped to users two weeks after the sale concludes.


Manual Check: A manual verification will ensure that the referrer has indeed purchased a node before processing their commission.

Holding Requirement: Referrers must hold a WatchDog Node during the reward period to receive their commission.

By participating in the SendingNetwork WatchDog Node Sale Referral Campaign, you not only enjoy a 10% commission on successful referrals but also contribute to the growth and strength of our community. Start referring today and maximize your earnings while supporting decentralized infrastructure!

For more details and to join the campaign, visit our official Discord community. If you are an influencer or community leader, seize this chance to be a referrer and shape a revolutionary communication stack.