Week 4 | To be or not to be (assigned)

Whats the best way to make sure you don’t end up with a burnout after excessively working over past few weeks? You take a step back.

I used to think that productivity comes from working every minute of our life in office, pushing ourselves everyday a little bit more. But true productivity also lies in taking timely breaks. Even at your workplace!

In a rather much relaxed past week of my office so far, I’ve actually spared time to get to know my fellow colleagues. Their strengths, weeknesses, even their zomato orders for that matter. The common pain points and importance of working in a structured organization. As a designer you often lock yourself behind your system away from all the possible human interaction. On the contrary designers are not much different from coders. We’re assigned task on day to day basis which we have to execute in a given timeframe.

On my second editorial assignment for the same brand, which previously took me 3 days the figure out, was done within a day. I see this as an absolute win, getting hold of the the rush against deadlines.

To conclude, sometimes its not about the creativity, its about understanding the rush of time and getting the work done.Something that I’ll learn as I move forward.



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