Delivery platform Sendy signs up over 5,000 businesses across Kenya

Jun 22, 2018 · 3 min read

The leading Kenyan delivery platform Sendy has now partnered with over 5,000 businesses by connecting them to motorcycles, pickups, vans and trucks on the platform, in a bid to help them optimize their logistics while saving on their operational costs and time spent on doing deliveries internally.

Safaricom, Multichoice, Mall for, Bidco, Chandarana, Kenafric, Davis and Shirtliff, Auto Express, Good Life Pharmacy,Toyota and Highlands are among the businesses that are now using the platform to handle end to end deliveries of their products making it cheaper and efficient for the businesses to run their logistics operations. The platform also enables the online sellers to deliver to their clients hence supporting the growth of the upcoming online businesses.

A motorbike delivery costs KSH. 250 upto the first 7KM, a van KSH. 2,250 upto the first 5KM while a truck ranges between KSH.5,900 and KSH. 12,599 upto the first 20KM based on the truck size. The platform has a feature that enables customers to place one order and add up to 9 multiple destinations hence reducing the delivery cost by up to 70%.

In a statement, Sendy CEO Meshack Alloys said that uptake of delivery services through their platform is an indication of there being a clear need and demand for technology enhanced delivery services that enables businesses to save on time through end to end seamless deliveries while significantly reducing businesses operational costs if outsourced.

“Having businesses embrace our platform is a great achievement as we seek to get more clients on board. Backed by technology, Sendy connects businesses with over 1,000 partners real time on the app. This saves a lot of time for businesses whose core focus is not logistics, relieving them off operational procedures that happen conventionally when doing deliveries. We cater to different business segments including Corporates, SMEs and e Commerce, giving us a huge portfolio of business clients seeking our services.

With the logistics industry gaining traction in the country, Sendy has formalized the informal transport sector by offering a platform where motorcycle, pickups, vans and truck drivers can have ready demand backed by technology making moving of goods from one point to the other simpler. Through the platform, a customer is now able to track movement of their packages to the point of delivery real time. Furthermore, all the packages delivered through the platform insured on transit to the destination.

“ We have enhanced the platform with various features to make it even easier for customers to use Sendy. Not only can customers track their packages real time when on transit, those who have more than one package can now use just one Driver to deliver packages to the various destinations. This feature is important to our small and medium sized business customers who need to do multiple deliveries to multiple clients.” Mr. Alloys added.

Sendy, a Kenyan technology platform that was started in 2014, connects businesses with Drivers to make delivery simple for its customers. With over 50,000 individuals and 5,000 businesses, Sendy seeks to increase the number of partners on their platform as demand surges.

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