What’s Your Delivery Horror Story?

In 2014, our CEO Meshack, helped his mother build a new home in her village. Meshack, who was sitting in Nairobi, ordered two bags of cement but needed someone to pick them up. He paid for the cement via M-Pesa, and his mother sent a boda boda to collect the cement from the store. She told the boda boda she would pay for the delivery upon returning with the cement. This smart boda realized he’d make a lot more money reselling the cement than by collecting payment for the delivery. Thus, it’s no surprise that Meshack’s cement never actually arrived at his mom’s house.

Let’s be honest… we all have a similar story. George tries to urgently send his keys to his wife who’s locked out, and they never reach home. Don’s truck is stopped along the highway and raided. Njeri’s lorry flips and all her goods are damaged.

Successfully sending a package in Kenya is far from easy. That’s why we created Sendy. Sendy makes delivering packages in Kenya simple and transparent. Our platform is designed around our Users to prevent these horror stories from reoccurring.

“Through Sendy, protect your packages with insurance, and track your Driver throughout your entire order, giving you peace of mind and reassurance that your goods will arrive safely.

So next time Meshack orders cement, he can sleep easy because he’ll be able insure it and track it. It will be a much better experience than he had the first time!

Let’s Deliver!