Quo vadis?

Good question … where am I going? The answer, it seems, has as much to do with where I have been as it does with where I am headed. I clearly have more time behind me than ahead of me which might seem to be a good thing for a weary traveler but it does mean that I have to choose carefully where I go next. The past gives all of us an itinerary. The trick is to sort through all of the missteps as well as the right steps and trace a line back that will point the way forward. Petrarch took the easy path and soon realized that it led only downward. To reach the summit he had to adjust his trajectory. Before Petrarch, Dante looked back into his book of memories to determine just when and how his new life had started. And even before that, St. Augustine had to take a hard look at his past in order to discern his future. But the backwards glance is dangerous. One can easily be turned to a pillar of salt — fixating on the “good times” can make it impossible to move on. But the road ahead does not need to be without direction, the road was laid for us long ago.