As Javascript developers, we implement asynchronous programming (async/await) in our codes. Constantly processing user inputs, call APIs to get data, or simultaneously run heavy-loaded computations might cause our servers go down. However, these tasks are essential to programming and required in real life.

To a simple code, it is common…

An overview of remote procedure calls in Go

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What Is an RPC?

A Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a subroutine in distributed computing. The remote implementation of RPC is similar to local calls but usually not identical. RPC usually requires that the object name, function name, or parameter are passed to remote servers, and the servers then return the processed result(s) back…

As the growing demand in microservices, developers start to split their codes into small chunks and make it “micro”. To connect all these small chunks, a good API design could save you a lot of time.

Are you using the correct HTTP protocol? Roy Fielding (co-founder of HTTP protocol) has…

DevOps should be familiar with containerisation concept nowadays. This technology helps softwares to run on operating system (OS), yet separated from OS. The concept of container is similar to virtual machine (VM), only difference is that VM split by OS, but container split by code module.

Docker and its derived…

What are the pros and cons of this helpful method?

Understand reflect in Go

Go is a strongly and statically typed programming language. However, some features in Go make it seemed to be dynamically typed. For instance, if you are not sure what type you’ll be receiving, you may implement interface type for an open-ended type.

Remember that only interface has reflect.

Note thatinterface

Amazon Web Services

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud provider which provides a series of web services and pay based on usage. It is one of the most famous cloud providers in the market now. Companies are slowly migrating to cloud due to its flexibility, reliability, scalability, stability, security and low maintenance…

“Why are we fail to cut down costs, again?” uttered in the meeting when CEOs and COOs of major banks sat together. Multiple reasons led to unsuccessful company-wide cost reduction strategies, department heads usually give excuses that controlling expenses will affect growth in sales figure and bring negative impacts to…

Get a better picture of how data structures work

Does this sound familiar: “I started frontend development by completing part-time courses”

You might be looking to improve your fundamental knowledge of computer science, especially on data structure and algorithms. Today we’ll go through some common data structures and implement them in JavaScript.

Hopefully this piece will complement your skills!

1. Stack

With Alibaba Cloud (“Alicloud”), Revenue Monster can provide merchants with one-stop FinTech solutions to enable a broad range of new mobile payment services, transforming Malaysian economics while comply with local central bank (BNM) regulations.


| Alicloud Results

  • Supports regional and international expansion
  • China-friendly
  • Achieves over 99.99% uptime to meet business requirements
  • Processes over…

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Head Of Tech Consulting at Revenue Monster Sdn. Bhd.

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