In the future the wife and I will build an apartment made from the Airbnbs we’ve lived in.

It will have two bedrooms. With sunlight everywhere. It will face west. It will have central heating. A shower with plenty of heat and pressure. And a folding table in the kitchen. The bed will have drawers underneath.

It will be in a building that was built in the 1920s. Our apartment will on the highest floor of the tallest building in an European city. That speaks English. To get up we have to get into a steel cage hung on a creaky rope pulled by a rusty wheel.

It will have German windows for the winter. French doors for the summer. With a tiny balcony. Big enough for two wooden lawn chairs. But small enough that it wouldn’t fit us both. All we will see are the roofs of other bulldings. With a cathedral not too far away. The church will have to good sense to not wake us up on the weekends.

It will be in a surburb close to the city. The surburb will be gentrifying.When I get out of the apartment I can make a right to go to the cute cafes. When I make a left I can get to the vietnamese grocery and kebab place that’s been around forever.

I hope it’s not too much to ask for.

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