Don’t call me a Woman

”Stupid woman”.

The phrase commonly used by men. Men who use the word ”pussy” as a symbol for weakness when in fact pussies take the most pain without complain.

It’s used by men who don’t understand that women need to work twice as hard for the opportunities that are handed freely to men.

A man will insult his friends by calling them “ladies” or telling them “not to to cry like a little girl”.

The worst thing for a man is to be called a woman.

If being a woman is such an insult to you, Don’t call ME a woman.

”You’re just a woman” they say. Just a woman.

I am woman who bends over backwards to make myself seem dumber to stroke your precious ego.

To all men, live just a day in our shoes and you would refuse to walk a mile, realising that you need to walk with keys between your fingers just in case someone were to attack you.

Welcome to the world of the weaker sex. Where you cannot go out of your house alone without being lectured by your dad, brother or boyfriend. Because you are just a woman.

I am not “just a woman”. I know I am capable of much more, but do you?

Apparently, it’s a biological trait. The way men feel that they own us, are superior to us. Demeaning and undermining us every chance you get. As if being a woman is a curse. Our only curse is the fact that we live amongst monsters who call themselves men.



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