Sengupta Hospitals & Research Institute Nagpur, India

An Overview

Sengupta Hospital was started by Late Dr. P.K. Sengupta in 1978. Back then it was his dream to make it a centre for comprehensive healthcare services under one roof, creating a platform for transparent patient-centric care where every life matters.

Himself an extremely intelligent physician and a clinician par excellence, Dr. P.K. Sengupta strived hard day and night to nurture this little fledgling and help it bloom into what could become a

Dr. P.K. Sengupta was born in a middle class Bengali family in 1939.He joined Government Medical College, Nagpur from where he passed his M.D. in Internal Medicine in 1968. After a brief stint in the teaching line, Dr. Sengupta started private practice. He was an all rounder with exemplary proficiency in sports, arts, languages and so on.

In his lifetime he won the hearts of many and healed many more through unerring clinical diagnosis. He played a pivotal role in bringing color Doppler study in central India nearly 2 decades ago. A visionary with sharp clinical acumen, Dr. Sengupta was extremely loved and popular amongst his colleagues as well as patients equally. With great passion Dr. Sengupta built a substantial portion of the hospital building. Sadly his dream was cut short by fate when he succumbed to a massive heart attack in January 199, leaving a dream unfulfilled and unfinished.

His younger son Dr. Shantanu P. Sengupta took over this project and decided to develop the hospital further and fulfil his father’s dream.

Vision & Values

A vision to strengthen healthcare in the communities we serve and empower patients to make informed choices was the genesis of Sengupta Hospitals & Medical Research Institute. Following in the footsteps of my father, Late Dr. P.K. Sengupta, who believed that good health is essential for a person’s happiness, success and well-being, our aim was to create a global healthcare institution that combines the best in medical treatment with strong ethical principles and a culture of care and compassion. Located in the centre of the country, Sengupta Hospital & Research Institute is not just a hospital but an organic entity, an institution that offers comprehensive healthcare services under one roof, creating a platform for transparent patient-centric care where every life matters. Driven by talent, technology, infrastructure and total commitment, we have achieved a convergence of global best practices in healthcare, adapted to Indian needs and underlined by our core values of integrity, transparency, self-improvement, patient dignity and maximum care. At Sengupta Hospital & Research Institute, state-of-the-art equipment and procedures, many of which are firsts for India, cutting-edge diagnostic and surgical solutions and, most significant, the best medical minds all come together seamlessly to deliver results. Going forward we shall Endeavour to become a key centre for medical research across all clinical fields and will foster global exchange of learning and cooperation. Indeed, Sengupta Hospital is poised to transform our existing perceptions of healthcare and usher in a medical revolution in India.

VALUES: Integrity To deal with all stakeholders — patients, partners, employees, vendors and the community — in a spirit of fairness and integrity. Transparency To respect the patient’s right to know at every touch point by providing information that is clear, concise, relevant and easy to understand. Maximum Care To re-evaluate every hospital system, process and procedure to ensure that patients and their loved ones receive maximum care and comfort. Self-Improvement To instil a process of learning and self-improvement at every level through continuous training, focused research and peer review. Patient Dignity To safeguard the dignity of patients by protecting their individuality and privacy at all times.

Why Sengupta Hospital

· No effort has been spared to scout and bring on board the best medical professionals in various clinical specialties.

· We are the only hospital in Mumbai to function with full-time doctors who will ensure availability and access to the best medical talent around-the-clock.

· Our doctors are supported by standardized care protocols that help deliver consistent patient care. This doctor’s model is KEY to building a successful medical institution and is amongst many formats we have adopted from leading medical institutions world over.

· It represents a confluence of top-notch talent, cutting edge technology, state of art infrastructure and, most important, commitment.

· Best defined by the analogy of four pillars, this unique combination act as the foundation of the institution’s vast range of differentiated healthcare services.

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Sengupta Hospitals & Research Institute, Ravinagar Sqaure,

Nagpur-440 033, M.S

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