Crowdfunding has ended. What’s Next?

The Kickstarter campaign for COVI has ended, but the product journey has just begun. To give you some insight into the next steps, we’ve written a 2 part series on what to expect post-campaign.

If you are interested in learning more about what happens leading up to and throughout a crowdfunding campaign, make sure to check out our previous post, Crowdfunding Lessons Learned.

We (Senic YC S13) just wrapped up the Kickstarter campaign for our second product COVI!

Now, it’s time to celebrate and then regroup for the next steps. The biggest misconception is that crowdfunding is free money — but now we must do the hardest part, which is to deliver the best possible product.

As we’ve done with our first product NUIMO, we plan to share with you the production details of COVI along the way. To give you a sense of how you can be involved in the process, we’ve prepared a roadmap for what to expect post-campaign.

User experience

We’ve found that crowdfunding is the best way to find out who cares- and caring about them in return.

  • Challenge our assumptions
  • Create a feedback loop to understand real user needs and suggestions so that we can incorporate them into the product — and make something that you will truly use and love.

Product Development

We’ve learned that a fast iteration loop of building prototypes, going to the user, getting feedback and then building the next prototype is the most effective way to find out what works — and what doesn’t.

To get a sense of where we are now in the development process, check out our previous post: How We Built COVI.


We manufacture locally in Germany so that we can be involved in every step of the production process and design alongside our manufacturers.

In our 8 part series “Building A Hardware Startup” we wrote in depth about the processes of prototyping, designing for manufacturing and mass manufacturing. With COVI, we have the chance to work with new materials like glass, and expand our network of creators.

This gives us the opportunity to share footage and take our community behind the scenes with us.


We build on an open source platform to give our community more control and to encourage collaboration and transparency. Throughout the development process, critical feedback and innovative ideas will be key.

Assembly and Delivery

The best part about building a product is moving from an idea to a real thing. We want COVI to fit into people’s homes and into their lives, and to do this, we need real input. What do you care most about when it comes to your home? What functions and features are you most excited about?

In the coming months, we’ll be sharing exciting updates — as well set-backs. We hope you take this as an opportunity to share back with us and tell us the good, the bad and the ugly, in hopes of building an incredible product together.

Stay tuned for next week’s post, where we will dive into the upcoming technical steps for COVI, including ‍design for manufacturing, 0-zeries and software development.

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