Brazilian Human hair Weave- Care Guide

Brazilian human Hair Weaves are more stringer and softer to wear. The weave which are made up of pure Brazilian hair are most soft and wave style. A hair stylist can do any hair technique on these hair extensions like styling, dying or perm. These are hair extensions are almost same as other human hair extensions.

  • Here we present some care tips for Brazilian Human Hair weaves.

· Wash the hair extension every 1–2 weeks. This helps to keep your hair calm

· Wash near the scalp and to protect the natural hair from bacterial growth, give a light massage

· Apply conditioners after shampoo every two to four weeks.

· Always used desired hair products. Avoid using harmful shampoo or conditioners

· The Brazilian hairs are softer one so do not rub them while washing. Always be gentle to them

· Comb the hair weaves from root to tip and style them as desired.

· Avoid heat styled products like dryers or straighter

Remember these caring tips and enjoy your Brazilian Hair weaves. The other thing you must keep in mind that always selects the best quality of hair extensions. If you are looking to buy online hair extensions in US then SENITAS HAIR is the complete store for that.

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