My Days — Arlington Country Day

Chris Grimes is the nicest person I know. He loves anime and video game as we often speak about it as an everyday topic. Because of this and his girl-like appearance, however, he is often picked on. His friends, Nick and Donna, are also picked on. The Hell of ACD, if you’re into sports or very popular, you are gods, even the staffs are mostly consisting of corrupted dictators. My days of loving humanity are numbered.

My mom wanted me to go here, saying it has better opportunities than a GED. I was reluctant at first, but I didn’t mind seeing my friend in seventh grade, Michael. I’ve been here about a month, seeing the corruption. I didn’t pay much attention, hanging with Michael, catching up from our time after graduating middle school. I did today, the day I became friends with Chris.

The day started out basically the same. First period was English with Mrs. Meriwether, second period was math with Mr. Anderson; third period was world history with Mrs. Pierce. But in fourth period psychology with Mr. Philips, he was absent. Instead, one of the coaches, “teach” us instead (It’s more like a friend babysitting you). I was sitting around, very bored. Chris sat next to me, playing with a laptop. Enjoying the look of the game, I said, “What game are you playing?”

“Mugen,” he said. That is the first true conversation we have together.