Life After Europe. What’s Next for the UK?
Gareth Johnson

‘Britain’ — England and Wales will probably sink slowly in the west — into friendless futility. Apart from the fact that Uncle Sam is going to have to take a rational attitude to the EU, as another bloc in the world, of 28+ different nations, and not just States (some European nations don’t have states e.g. the Catalans, the Corsicans. Some states contain more than one nation e. g. the UK and Spain. American doesn’t like losers.

Scotland will join the EU as a separate entity, after a short probationary period — most likely days rather than even months. Ireland will probably unite — the farmers and the food processors in NI are asking for it. The Ulster Unionists look over the border and see a thriving, bustling, increasingly wealthy place, and not the backward hell-hole. That was largely, admittedly, the product of an energetically disparaging Unionist media. And not just the press — the Beeb still finds it difficult to be honest about the ‘Free State’ — small bodies in Tuam — YES!

A large and vigorous International Finance Centre in what used to be Dublin’s dockland? Meh, we’ll get back to you on that….

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