What is the barbell? To many people outside of the lifting community it is simply a piece of gym equipment, but for me, as well as many others who walk this same path in life, it’s a tool. A tool that not only builds our bodies, but our mind and work ethic.

The barbell doesn’t care about your feelings... It doesn’t care about your race, gender, social standing, nor does it care about how much money you make. …

“Stop idolizing people. They’re human. Eventually they’ll let you down.”

I recently read this and it really had me thinking: “Do I idolize anyone? Would I be let down if someone wasn’t how I perceived them?”. Ultimately, I concluded that I didn’t. Sure, one can argue that my actions may be shaped by influences and role models, but I would counter with the fact that those differ from idols.

I admire people like Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerX and Matt Vincent of HVIII Brand Goods, but they’re far from idols. Their passion and work ethic is something I aspire to match…

Senpai Strength

We are a celebration of strength and all things anime.

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