2016: A Year In Chats

The most talked about topics and top emotions in the year of the chat bot

If we had to choose a relationship status between the Internet and 2016 it would have to be: it’s complicated.

It was a year where everyone had something to say, and we watched as our social channels changed over to chats. Messengers blew up with conversations about the latest in politics, entertainment, memes and social awareness. Some chat trends were more obvious than others, and some topics were so WTF that we still don’t know what they meant.


Chatters are in love with music and looking for love. You’d be amazed how a casual conversation about Chance the Rapper can turn into a sensible first date. We don’t know how the dates went, but we can guess what y’all spoke about eating ramen based upon these Top 10 chat topics of 2016.


The tv, gaming, and music communities had a lot to talk about this year. Albums dropped from the sky, we TV binged our brains out, and even entered a 3rd dimension in gaming. These were the top trends in entertainment 2016.


From the random to the peculiar, these chat topics defy definition. In some instances the question was so obtuse that not even the internet could provide a qualified answer. Needless to say these topics left us scratching our collective heads.


Smileys, and eggplants, and thumbs up, oh my! When there are no words, emojis save the day. You won’t believe the most used emojis of 2016.


2016 made us all feel a bit like Britney Spears circa 2007, and on that rollercoaster of emotion we went from beaming smiles to ugly-cry-face. World events affected our collective moods and our chats followed suit. The happiest month was in the summer of love in July, the most scared and confused went from September to October, cumulating in the saddest month in November. Hmm… what happened in November?


Your online conversations rely greatly on the platform in which you chat. The largest chat communities come with their own flavors, members, and quirks. Take a look at our most-likelys based upon our favorite messengers.

2016 could easily be considered “The Year of the Face-Palm” However these peculiar trends presented humans across the globe with the opportunity to connect on real issues. We asked our online communities difficult questions, and were presented with conflicting answers.

At times we had to siphon through fake news and hardened opinions to assemble what we could derive as the truth, but we also took moments to share good news, funny thoughts, and dank memes. However you decide look back at 2016, know that you changed someone’s life for the better through these personal connections. As the new year takes us on another rollercoaster of events, let us all clear our minds and unite in the Jedi chant: “I am one with 2017, and 2017 is with me.”

About the author: Justin Jones is a Community Sensay and he’s all about those chats.