Like I said, sounds like you have a burning desire to write something.
Eric Olsen

Ehh I gotta go with Thomas on this one. Yes racism exists in America, but the narrative you’re spinning, which has been vehemently pushed by our current President in an unprecedented display of divisive rhetoric, only further divides this country and creates a dangerous medium for frustrated minorities to channel their rage (as we saw in Milwaukee over the weekend). Blaming the woes of minorities on systematic racism automatically assumes that people of color are inferior and need coddling and sympathy from white people if they have any hope of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and doing something with their lives. It is a distraction, it’s dangerous, and it offers no resolution for those in these communities who are struggling to make a better life for themselves.

This is a multi-faceted problem. It’s an educational problem, it’s a cultural problem, it’s an accountability problem and it’s an integrity problem. Until we come out from under the vail of the everyone-is-racist argument and speak truthfully about these issues, minorities will continue to suffer, and people will continue to die.

Sorry, not sorry, thank you come again.

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